You've reached your usage limit

I have never used this API. I am an user of CHATGPT since nearly it’s creation. I am getting this odd message.

I seen on an youtube video saying it is because of you have an old account then you are not allowed to use as free user, and you have to provide billing information(credit card), to use it…

Is this correct? Because, again, I have never used it and no one used my account. I have used only on chat gpt

You’ve reached your usage limit. See your [usage dashboard]and [billing]
[settings] for more details. If you have further questions, please contact us through our help center at

There is no free use of the API. The model usage is charged per

It is easy to misunderstand the state of your API account, because OpenAI previously offered free trial grant credits that were automatically added to your account, and which expired after three months. If you made an OpenAI account for using ChatGPT, you might not have even known the API existed and that you had some credits, now expired.

So you are correct. To make use of the API for programmatic model access, you’ll need to be able to pay for the usage by purchasing an account credit first. Here’s where you can add a payment method and purchase that credit, starting at $5.

The program to give free trial credits has been discontinued.

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This is messed up, since chat gpt is free and you cannot even test simple prompts? Wtf

ChatGPT is also an end-user product, with an enticement to upgrade to a monthly subscription within the free version.

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So in the Billing section it say’s “free trial”. What is actually included in this “trial”? As far as i noticed, I won’t get a single response from the lowest gpt3.5 chat model.

As above:

So included is nothing. At this point, “free trial” showing in some places is just a rate limit tier for those that have paid nothing.