Your GPT’s name is restricted for public sharing

Your GPT’s name is restricted for public sharing. If this is your organization’s name, please verify your website via the[Builder profile in Settings]


I am getting this same error. I have a verified domain. I get this even if I enable my name and have a verified URL.


Yeah it’s crazy I don’t understand

You haven’t been able to publish for over 8 hours? Wow.

I had trouble publishing changes to my existing custom GPT, so I tried going to private and moving it back to public again.

Ever since then I’m unable to publish to public (but can update just for me).

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@checkfucom did you eventually get it to work? I have the same issue. I have a verified domain already from like last week, but it’s still saying I need a valid “privacy policy”

TLDR; I fixed the issue by changing the name of my GPT to be exactly the same as my verified domain name.

I faced this issue despite having my domain verified and the custom GPT working with the name “Virtual Application Security Architect - VASA.”
This issue arose when I tried to change my logo to a different image. When I tried to save the new logo, the error showed up. I am almost certain that the check to confirm that the name of the GPT is exactly the same as the domain verified was introduced recently.

Here is how it looks now:
The screenshot below shows how it looked initially.

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I think you can’t use trademarked names. I ran into this and gave it an abbreviation and now it’s good.

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I have the same issue when I attempt to change the name of the GPT (to “YouTube Summarizer for long videos”, which is more accurate that describe its function). The current name is the same name as the domain. ChatGPT - Merlin (Long Video Summarizer)

Update : I think it’s got to do with the trademarked names. It works if I remove “YouTube” from the title.


Try to change to a new name.
Work for me. :rofl:

I confirm, our issue was that we used a brand name. Removing the brand name fixed it!

Yes. Do not include the brand’s name, and you can continue to publish your Chatgpt link.