The GPT can't be saved publicly because OpenAI didn't like the name

I encountered this error when I tried to save the GPT publically:

Your GPT can’t be shared publicly because it violates our Usage Policies. See below for the specific issue:
May contain content that requires previous authorization, such as brand names, trademarks, or copyrighted content. Authorized users can verify their domain.

I didn’t understand what was wrong with the name and didn’t find documentation or topics for this.

Can you point out some possible reasons, please?

Would you mind sharing the name of the GPT that has been rejected?
Otherwise we don’t have any real indication what could help.

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Sure @vb
The first one is: Youtube video summarizer
The second is Instagram video summarize

They include actions that use RapidAPI APIs

This is an issue with your use of trademarks in your GPTs name.

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