GPT removed from public view?


I made a GPT shareable with anyone with a link, when I checked the site today it said it had been removed from public view, I didn’t set it to public view, and also don’t exactly know where to change this. Now i have this annoying popup which won’t go away from the app.

So my question is why or how do i change the public or non public view? The knowledge base says it has to be for everyone for it to be public.

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anyone with a link” means the public can see it.

That ability to share either to those with a link, or to publish to “everyone” which makes it searchable in the store, has been revoked on the GPT.

Your GPT was detected to infringe on policies, likely use of brands or trademarks, or on the content within, and likely detected by AI if not by a “report”.

Here’s what you can do: read the instructions and links where it says “Here’s what you can do”.

In contrast to the instructions, completely sanitizing the GPT may still not allow it to be shared again unless you go through an appeal process. Or you can just make a new one.

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OK that’s ridiculous then, how can it possibly infringe on policies? It’s using the LLM to create me content is that the issue? If so this tool is useless to me.

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Also this is what their appeal popup looks like, can’t close it, stuck with this junk on the screen.
Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 5.36.35 PM

Something as simple as mentioning another’s product name or domain will do it.

It looks like you already pressed the appeal button, so your only choice now is to “cancel” appeal. If you don’t modify the name, description, or instructions of the GPT as instructed, it is far less likely to have the appeal approved.

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When i search the store, i can see my gpts, is that normal despite me not publishing them to everyone? They need to revisit the nomenclature and the settings then as this is half baked.

Any ChatGPT Plus subscriber can create a GPT and share it with others. In order to publish it to the Store, you must first verify your Builder Profile. Your Builder Profile can be accessed from your profile settings or via the “Update” panel when editing a GPT. You can verify your Builder Profile with either your name or a website domain. After you’ve verified, you’ll be able to publish your GPT for “Everyone”. Note that GPT’s with “Anyone with a link” selected will not be shown in the store.

When you search the store, the results also include your own “recently used GPTs”. This is not made clear, and may even be alarming if you have private GPTs you have no intention of sharing.

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A shot in the dark here:“Cannabis content?” For better or worse, cannabis is illegal by Federal and many State laws. My guess is that’s the reason you’ve been nailed by the Central Scrutinizer.

Hi, I got the same message, without indication what went wrong. I wanted to create a link to share with interested parties.
My GPT is answering questions about Swiss tax law. Myself, besides being technology affine, I am also a Swiss tax consultant.
I have made a few amendments to my GPT. My instructions are in German language and they should stay in German language. I changed the description to English.
I have already been worrying that chatGPT staff might believe that Swiss tax law has a doubtful nature. I would like to point out that about 10 to 15 years ago the US government and the international community have forced the Swiss government to abandon all major practices of abusive behaviour enabled through its tax laws at the time. I do not see any reason for suspicion in that respect, therefore.
Switzerland does not require public registration of tax advisors.
Now, I cannot even appeal any more, seemingly. And a new attempt for sharing within my chatgpt Teams account seems to be unavailable. It looks like that I cannot even share this GPT within my own organization. I am the owner of the organization. Do I have admin rights as well, as an owner? Can only the admin change the workspace availability of GPTs?
Please help. I would be glad if openai staff would look into it.