"Your card number is incorrect." Anyone getting this error when trying to pay for credits?

The card is fine, I use it all the time. I even tried adding another card and I got the same error.

I can’t pay and in a few days access to the account will be suspended.


I’m also seeing this when I click “Confirm Payment” from my email.

I would try the usual suspects: new browser, new login, update card billing details first, etc. Then we can tag this as a problem needing fixing if it doesn’t magically disappear with workarounds, or emerges for others.

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Getting the same error. Tried with a physical card and a couple of digital card services that my bank offers. I can use these cards online in other places.

Tried these suggestions without any success: new browser, new login, update card billing details


Same problem for me. I got an email saying payment could not be made, I tried adding credit using the same card, says the card number is wrong, I re-added the same card, same problem. Tried another card, same problem. Hoping it is a temporary issue and they don’t suspend my API for their own issue.

Same here. Tried (unsuccessfully) :

  1. different browsers.
  2. VPN
  3. different card (valid of course) + tried to pay by directly inputting it in the stripe payment form.
  4. cache/cookies/etc.
  5. This is the 2nd time this is happening to me - first time was about 4 months ago.

Same issue here. Tried with multiple cards to no avail.

Got a reply from the support - same steps as the ones I took in my previous post. However, I did try again but in incognito mode - it worked and I paid my invoice without any problems or changes to my payment methods. Hope this helps.

Today I went to add a new card, but I used the same card, and it did add, so I had 2 cards the same, then I paid my bill manually, and it worked. I don’t even know if I needed to add the card again, maybe I could have just paid it manually straight away. I did not use incognito mode, so I believe the issue is fixed today.