Issue with billing, can't add money to account

Is anyone else having issues adding money/payment methods to their account? It’s alternating between ‘incorrect API key provided’ and ‘your card declined’. I’ve tried four different cards (Visa & Amex), it’s definitely not the cards. Reached out to banks, and they said issue is on OpenAI’s end.

Im not able to add any cc info to two newly created accounts. Doesn’t matter what browser I try, the info wont save and my API key will not work until it is a “paid” account even if I don’t need to pay for anything

Yes - same issue here with and without VPNs with different cards. different browsers, cleared cache. Also tried making sure IP being at location near CC address which solved for some people. Issue reported already in 2022 and still obviously an issue. Help bot doesn’t help or reply. the attempt is registered on the CC invoice but fortunately 0$ at the moment - some people report their money is being taken even though account fixed. Also a leader on this community pointed to a bug fix few days ago but clearly this is not so. very unfortunate and frustrating for us.

I have the same issue, have tried multiple cards, all of them keep getting declined. They all are working otherwise. Not sure about the issue. Our product dev is totally blocked!

It started working for us randomly one morning. No response from support on it, in the meantime what we did was create another account and add it to org and pay through that new account. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Same here, approaching 24 hours of no reply from the silly help bot thing. We where moved to the pay as you go plan without notice, setup auto pay and now it wont pay off our minus balance. Its really quite annoying.

So mine started randomly working, for a few weeks, and now it’s back down again. Super frustrating, support initially gets back to me within a couple of minutes and then goes silent. We tried all the usual steps: clearing browser cache, new device, new card etc but no luck.