Credit Card Rejected and Won't Allow Me to Add a New One

I had a credit card in my OpenAI account. It was working perfectly and automatically recharging my account. Yesterday, the API calls stopped working for me and I discovered it had to do with a negative balance in my account due to the card being declined.
I tried to add new cards, all of which kept getting declined. After a while, I started receiving a message saying I was making too many tries and I needed to slow down. I waited 12+ hours and tried again. All cards are still getting declined.
I have tried contacting support twice but only got automated messages back. I have tried everything they advise, including:

  • double checked the card detail
  • verify the cards are not pre-paid or gift cards
  • verified with the bank there are no blockages
  • tried at least 5 different cards from different banks
  • checked my country is in the supported countries list
  • cleaned browser cache and cookies
  • tried 3 different browsers
  • tried anonymous browsers
  • tried in different days

If anyone could help me that would be much appreciated. I have a huge urgency to get this solved. Thank you

I am having the same problem, after taking the same troubleshooting steps

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After around 24 hours I managed to add a new card. Don’t know if it is a fixed waiting time or if it was just luck

I was a paying customer and same, I closed the bank account openapi and therefore the card openapi was using. When trying to buy a new subscription, after trying 3 different banks, I noticed there was cors issues in the console between stripe and openapi

I managed to work around the issue by downloading the chatgpt app on the appstore and I paid my subscription there

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Same issue. There is no customer service and no human to solve issues. If the payment processing code is using an exact march it’s a case of low tech in a hi tech pkace! Absolutely dumb.


I am also having problems with my card, first it said there was an error, then declined (I ordered DoorDash to make sure it was ok, it was fine). Tried to contact support and didn’t really get any help. They might need to fix their Stripe account or something. It is giving errors when it shouldn’t then won’t let you update/change your card. I kept getting “too many requests” after trying to add my card again. I am working on a project for work and this is super frustrating to have no real path to resolution.

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Also Me too,
The first time, the payment pass, my bank debit the amount but OpenAi does not credit my account. I have a problem to manage that but after a short conversation it does not respond.

Some conversations on internet about that appears in this moment

I tired, some people have just one credit card. Why impose a such rule.

OpenAI has a problem ???

This is insane. They’re selling bots, and displaying us how low it is.
I have extensive experience communicating with support, and this is the worst.