"Your card has been declined" on all of my credit and debit cards

I am in India and it seems there is an issue with Stripe payments right now.
None of my cards work, I tried entering my family member’s card too but I got “Your card has been declined” on all of them.

Possible Solution:
I have a guess why this might be the case, Stripe does not allow storing card info in India because of the Central Bank’s decision to disallow third parties to store citizen’s card info.

This can be circumvented by making your Stripe checkout page include GPay as a payment option in India, GPay also supports recurring transactions and would work well in this case.


True. I cannot buy one from my credit cards as well

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Looks like the whole set of Indian Credit / Debit cards are getting declined. Personally tried with 5 / 6 cards.

As of January 2023, Stripe supports cross-border e-mandates for recurring payments on cards issued in India for 12 non-INR currencies

Let me know if this gets resolved. We are facing declined card transactions since the last two years. All thanks to the mandarins in RBI.

This may help

i’m not from India and my card issued in US, but i have the same problem