OpenAI API can't debit my credit card


I just finished building my first openAI tool, I’ve been using it for the last 24 hours and spent about $40 (auto top-up). Suddenly OpenAI is saying my card is declined. At first I thought my bank blocked the card because of the regular top ups, but they haven’t. I tried multiple cards from different banks, I get the same card declined message.

Anyone else experienced this is?

Hi daphan and welcome to the community.

Yes, my team started experiencing this at the beginning of December. The card on file has been continuously declined and the bank does not show any transactions have been attempted by OpenAI. Curiously, the card still works to purchase API credits but not for renewal of the Plus subscription. I have contacted support multiple times and have received the standard AI generated responses in return. We have been able to switch to personal cards, in order to restore service, but we obviously need a more sustainable solution. I am currently working on attempting to escalate the concern, but time will tell if that is effective. If so, I will follow up here with results.

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@daphan I wanted to follow up and see if you had gotten this issue resolved. Were you able to make any progress?

Update on my situation: I was able to escalate the billing issue to a human by requesting the Support Bot do so. Once a live support person contacted me, I was told that I could reach out to a human directly regarding billing questions by emailing: and they would investigate the issue. That may or may not help you get a quicker resolution on your issue compared to entering a support ticket.

The investigation process does not appear to have ever officially started. I submitted all of the requested documentation; however, I show that they have received the information, logged into the support service on multiple occasions and yet never reviewed the documentation.

However, the following update has been made to the billing section of the support page:

You’ve paid for too many subscriptions using the same payment method.

For security reasons, we currently limit the number of subscriptions that can be billed to a given payment method. Right now, you’ll need to use separate payment methods to purchase multiple subscriptions or write back with more information about your use case if you’re trying to bulk purchase subscriptions.

For me, this answers my question. As my development team all use the same billing information, this change has prevented us from bulk billing. I have since reiterated the “more information about your use case” they requested and am awaiting a reply.

This may not be your issue, but I wanted to follow up as promised. I hope you have luck getting it sorted out.

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thanks for the follow up.

It’s back working normally now, no idea why it stop for a few days.

It is most likely your credit card providers system automatically blocking it. OpenAI uses Stripe so unless there is an issue with a specific card it is most likely being automatically blocked by your provider. You might be able to contact Stripe about your specific card type if that’s an issue

My Plus subscription was declining every month even after contacting my card provider and they finally fixed it after 3 months… not sure why their system kept flagging it.

I have tried putting my credit card and my family’s credit card, but for every try it gives me ‘Card declined’ with no reason. I tried putting the same details on my sister’s account, with multiple cards and still the same response. I have been using the same card on the ChatGPT subscription and I did not face any issue. Does any one know what could be the reason?