Credit card declined, please help :(

I know this topic has been discussed here already but i haven’t found any solution, that’s why I’m asking again. Is anybody else experiencing issues with your payments recently? My debit card keeps getting declined no matter what. I have contacted the help centre, I followed their instructions and recommendations but it solved nothing and I’m getting impatient, waiting hours for their response.
It has worked fine for me for months, payments getting through without a problem but then during the last week it just stopped working. I cannot add a different card either. I tried another user’s tips like using a different browser etc…didn’t work. Making a new OpenAi account didn’t help either. Please help :frowning:

I tried to reach out to Stripe, I’ll see how it goes.

This is not something wi can help you with here. Please get in touch with OpenAI’s support team over at, they can help. This forum is mainly intended as a space for developers to help each other solve the various issues they run into while building applications with the API and is not monitored by OpenAI for account, billing or chatGPT related queries.

“Credit Card declined” : I have the same problem.
Support informed me that it is due to prepaid credit cards, and these are being rejected.

It’s super disappointing, no solution was proposed to me…
Except, thank you for your feedback, we will look into offering more payment methods soon…

I don’t understand why prepaid credit cards are blocked at all, especially when you have to load your account with funds beforehand to use them.
Well, it seems OpenAI can apparently do without a lot of users, given that multiple forums are filled and well-visited with this topic.
In the OpenAI forum alone, at least 10 forum discussions have been started on this topic.
With up to 20 000 visitors.
This means that thousands of customers are being turned away, which is bad business policy.

I hope OpenAI finds a solution soon and allows prepaid credit cards or enables additional payment methods…
Credit cards are only standard in the US… elsewhere you mostly get only prepaid credit cards.