Sharing GPT-4 with a Development Team - How To?

Seeking advice and solutions on how to effectively share a GPT-4 account with my development team to avoid the complexity of individual accounts. We have multiple accounts, and the current setup hinders collaboration and sharing. Looking for insights on best practices, tools, or strategies to streamline access and maximize the benefits of GPT-4 within our team.

Maybe one api-key per team member?

Just keep these things in mind:


Data access guidance


Currently, assistants, threads, messages, and files created via the API are scoped to the entire organization. As such, any person with API key access to the organization is able to read or write assistants, threads, messages, and files in the organization.

We strongly recommend the following data access controls:

  • Implement authorization. Before performing reads or writes on assistants, threads, messages, and files, ensure that the end-user is authorized to do so. For example, store in your database the object IDs that the end-user has access to, and check it before fetching the object ID with the API.
  • Restrict API key access. Carefully consider who in your organization should have API keys and periodically audit this list. API keys enable a wide range of operations including reading and modifying sensitive information, such as messages and files.
  • Create separate accounts. Consider creating separate accounts / organizations for different applications in order to isolate data across multiple applications.

I guess I asked the wrong question. I have an account, I want my developer to setup my prompts, can I simple share the username and password? Do I have another method of allowing access to my account?

Are you talking about ChatGPT (interface) or Assistants?

I’m guessing you’re speaking about ChatGPT.

There will (hopefully) soon be a “business” tier for sharing workplaces (prompts & conversations) inside of a single organization. Hopefully OpenAI promotes referrals so developer’s can onboard companies and have access to their accounts.

In the meantime you can use the share chat option

Yes I was referring to ChatGPT and thank you for your valuable information