Work with gpt-4 features not (yet) in api


we are a small team aiming to use the api for our project.
However, we also like to test gpt-4 directly, because some of its features (mentioned here: OpenAI Platform) are not yet available through the api. The question is, how would we license it gracefully? Do we have to buy gpt-4 accounts for every team member? It does not seem to be possible from within the business section, or am I missing something?

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Do you mean ChatGPT? as the API is not the same product, ChatGPT is a ready built user facing implementation of the API. The API itself can be configured via code to do any NLP task you require, but obviously needs code to be created.

If your need is for the API then all developers will gain access to GPT-4 by the end of the month.

Unfortunately, ChatGPT, being a consumer product, it is very hard to come up with a good solution for businesses. Some form of ChatGPT for business was talked about a bit months ago, but nothing has ever emerged.

Phone numbers: a mobile number is required, and can only be used to create two accounts
Billing: The payments are handled in the individual accounts
Ownership: the account can easily be co-opted by the employee given access, with no administrator rights.

The only solution:
Reimburse employees for their own subscription, and be a good employer and pay ahead of time;
Try to overcome problems for those who have cel phone issues - or just issues in general with creating an account in their own name to do their work.

ChatGPT is just like an example app of what you can do with the API
Iam guessing plugins will never be in the API
Thats why they gave the function on the API now

Basically you could create similar implementation of plugins like chatGPT with the API
Or pretty much any feature of chatGPT
But you have to do it yourself

Thank you for your replies. We are already using the api (and thus already paying for it). The question was more about the fact that certain features are included in the official chapGPT UI, but not in the API. I now feel confirmed that there is no graceful use chatGPT as a business.

I am currently working on a project that leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT and I am interested in exploring more robust subscription options for API access. However, I am finding it challenging to understand the process and the best approach to take.

Firstly, I would like to know how I can access the API plans for my project. Is it done directly from the billing dashboard? If so, could someone provide a step-by-step guide or point me to a resource that explains this process?

Secondly, I understand that there might be different plans depending on the usage of the API. Could someone clarify this for me? Where can I find detailed information about these plans and the benefits they offer?

Thirdly, I currently have a ChatGPT-4 account and I am wondering if it’s better to access the API from this existing account or should I create a new one? Does it make any difference?

I appreciate any guidance or resources that can help me navigate this process. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

The topic has been solved as best as possible, but I will answer your new question.

  1. ChatGPT is at, while API billing and management is at They do use the same account login though.
  2. API is not subscription based, but is a separate billing system where you are invoiced monthly for your data use. A billing credit card must be entered here. You may have a free trial amount that expires three months after you created your account.
  3. You can use the same account. The billing for your API can be to a different payment card than the monthly ChatGPT subscription. A separate account can distinguish business use, or isolate one from potential abuse or potential account cancellation for terms violations, but only two accounts are permitted per mobile phone number (and the second doesn’t get free credits).

There will be a limitation of $120 per month until you have a track record of payments and request an increase.

Overall, API is a separate system, not needing a plus subscription for its features, and also not upgraded by plus. You pay for how much text you input and get back.

A few months ago, they announced in a blog post that they’re working on “ChatGPT for business.”

Honestly, we use the API, and it’s fine – we don’t need the ChatGPT specific features in that usage.

However, we also have a bunch of employees who use the ChatGPT product for business purposes, and file expense reports. It would be convenient if we could just pre-pay, and maybe even just auto-provision when people log in with our Google Workspace or Azure Active Directory, to avoid the “tons of separate expense reports” overhead and get a consolidated bill.

That’s not yet a feature, but the announcement from April gives me some hope.

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Thank very much for all the information.
Do you know where I can check the usage data/ $ for the API?
Thanks again.

You can find usage data over on