Can I have the same service using a chatgpt plus or an openai subscription?

I am trying to setup quiver and have ChatGPT plus subscription. I’ve just discovered that I can’t access ChatGPT through an API, since I don’t have an openai subscription.

I am considering changing to the openAI API? Would I get the same service (the same quality as ChatGPT plus service) through the API?

I also noticed that my prior conversations are still there - I suspect ChatGPT Plus is not automatically deleting prior conversations. Will they delete the conversation when I change to an openai subscription?

Is there any connection between the two accounts, or can I associate the two accounts together such that I can move the conversations?

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

The only commonality between the two accounts is that they are with the same umbrella company, i.e. OpenAI. ChatGPT and the API are otherwise separate entities, you should already have an API account if you have a ChatGPT account, both are created at the same time, or at least they were last time I checked.

If you go to you should be able to see in the top right corner a link to your API account, you can then try out your API account on the playground, you may need to add a payment method to your account billing section to get unrestricted access, if one has not already been added.

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