How on earth do I upgrade my plan?

How do I upgrade my plan to gtp-4.

I have searched online and there is supposed to be an “Upgrade to Plus” link but it does not show up after I have logged in.

Please can someone assist.

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It sounds like you might not be differentiating between the API Product and ChatGPT.

For access to GPT-4 via ChatGPT, you simply need to get ChatGTP Plus subscription for USD 20/month. The menu in the bottom left corner in the ChatGPT interface will allow you to select a different plan. Alternatively, you can access the link on the OpenAI website:

For access to GPT-4 via the API, you need to create a developer account and then add a minimum of USD 5 in funds to your account. This will move you to Tier 1 under which you can access all available models including the GPT-4 model series. See also this overview:

Just let us know if you have any more specific questions.

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Thank yoy for responsing to my query.

I have already registered an account on and initialy it gave me an option to upgrade, however after loging in again there is no option to upgrade.

When you say “upgrade” what do you mean?

In the context of the API, you will have to take action to add funds to your account. For that you should navigate to Settings > Billing and then first add a payment method and afterwards add some funds to your account using the added payment method (minimum USD 5). You then may have to wait a few hours for the credit balance of your account and the Tier to be updated. Once you see your available credit balance in the billing section and in the section on Limits it shows that you are in Tier 1, you can start using the GPT-4 model via the API.

I hope this helps.


This link is to ChatGPT, a chatbot on OpenAI’s website, where basic use is free:

If it is ChatGPT where you would like to upgrade to Plus and have access to Plus features such as GPT-4, a subscription for $20/month (plus any taxes in your country), then you’ll need to log in with your account there on (which even when free, will allow you to have a chat history). Clicking your name at lower left will bring up a menu “my plan”, with the subscription option.

If instead, you want to program for the API to build AI products by direct API calls to AI models, that service is billed by the language data used, and one must purchase credits to pay for the service. Once making a payment, GPT-4 models are unlocked for you to use.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 12.26.22 PM

I believe they are talking about this button in I have no idea what it does (this screenshot was taken on an Admin account).

That call to action button hasn’t been there since the site had organization menu at the top right. And new prepaid billing for newly-created accounts and a forum full of “how do I get GPT-4” posts trying to figure out how to incur a bill.

It still remains true, though: if you are an account that is still under a free trial (or no trial and no API), you have to make a prepayment to unlock API GPT-4.

Thanks for your informative responses in this thread. I am a little frustrated that I am here in the API thread looking for ways/ideas/hints for how to fix, enhance, and or work around “normal GPT” context memory loss/forgetfulness. It won’t keep its contextual memory past the first or second answer. Very frustrating when programming and it resets and starts your entire React component from scratch, especially when I am paying $20/month for something better. Tried other GPTs that specialize in React. All the same. Ignores all the uploaded, cross-thread, “memory” files. Ignores all the special instructions. So here I am in the API thread to see if it can help. It sounds like you guys are saying the two are separate and distinct. Thus not helpful. Would you guys mind pointing me in the right direction as to where I can troubleshoot this thing? Thank you, and I will get out of your hair.

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