ChatGPT Plus for Organizations

Looking for guidance on managing payment for chatGPT Plus for my organization.

The threads I have found haven’t helped me.

My apologies if I missed something obvious.

Thanks so much!


depending on individual use case, might be better to write a simple chat client using the api and give to your users that way rather than individual plus licenses. Something to consider anyways.

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Has anyone from OpenAI answered this issue with organizational billing for GPT Plus subscription billing? It seems to work for API billing, but why not for Plus?

OpenAI has described their products thusly, updated July:

OpenAI offers its models two different ways:

  • (a) First party consumer applications like the ChatGPT app
  • (b) A robust API platform for developers and businesses that includes our most powerful models (GPT-4, GPT-3.5 Turbo, embeddings, fine-tuning, etc.), enabling organizations everywhere to incorporate OpenAI models directly into their products, applications, and services.

The current organization system has only one purpose: allow other accounts to bill their own API key creation and usage to a main account owner (and to allow complete unrevokable billing takeover if misused or hacked).

A “ChatGPT for business” has not emerged yet. We still are stuck with individual accounts that must have the individual’s phone number, credit card, etc. with no central management. It may be unlikely if business use is seen as far exceeding personal account usage patterns.