How can I usi ChatGPT 4 API?

I don’t know why but I don’t have access to GPT 4 API, when Ican use it? Or is there a way to enable it?

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edit-[outdated information]

If you have never entered a payment method before, you can go to the account site, go to billing overview, and “start payment plan”. Your purchase of a credit beyond the free trial credit will enable use of gpt-4 and also will give higher rate limits.

If you have put in a payment method before, and the billing overview shows text that you are enrolled in a monthly plan, you also need to incur actual bills to your payment method beyond the trial (by the end of the month unless you want to wait another 31 days!), by usage over $1.

I wouldn’t encourage cancelling a monthly plan, because you’ll not get the end-of-month billing convenience back if you switch to, and are locked into, prepaid credits.

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I have a pay as you go billing plan apparently which is paid at the end of the month, does it means it’s a monthly plan? Anyway How do I get access with gpt 4 API with this plan?

Confusingly, both “plans” say “Pay as you go”.

(The language is likely supposed to reflect that you have to pay for the API data used, and that it is not a subscription.)

This is the billing overview of a monthly plan:


See that, and you don’t have any billing history? You have two options:

  • Use the API enough (beyond using up any free trial) by the end of the month, so that you get billed. You’ll likely get gpt-4 before mid-month after getting billed to your card;
  • “Cancel payment plan”. Lose monthly billing. You now have to buy pre-paid credits. Which also shows you are willing to give OpenAI money, granting near-instant gpt-4.

I’m spending about 10€ monthly from last December or Janury and still don’t have access

You have a long string of bills shown?

Let’s make sure you aren’t overlooking your access.

Go to rate limits. See if you have gpt-4 listed in the chat models.
(it seems I have also been hit by the blank page problem reported by others)

Go to the OpenAI Platform playground. Under mode, select chat, and see the models available.

You can generate a new API key and do it all again.

If you clearly qualify by your payment history, don’t have the model, you can contact by sending a message through the assistant (lower right, click until you can report an account problem).

Yes, I have 8 bills.
If I try to open the rate limits page I get a red warning ‘Could not load rate limits’.
Yes I have GPT 4 available as a model in the playground, but not in the API, I checked using the command and it’s not available. With a fresh API key.

The playground IS the API. Congrats on your gpt-4.

Here’s a python script to print the list of gpt- models for your account with your newly-created API key.

import openai
openai.api_key = "sk-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

	models = openai.Model.list()
	model_ids = [ for model in models["data"] if'gpt-')]
except Exception as err:
	print(f"Error updating model list: {err}")

Be sure you have selected your own organization as the default at the bottom of the API keys page.