Why, oh why, is it assumed that everyone has access to local cell phone service?

Trying to set up an account to possibly use chatgpt.

Except one MUST verify one’s identity using a ‘stupid’ phone.

I guess the leaders here just aren’t familiar with the absolutely abysmal wireless services we here in rural western North America call ‘normal’.

Perhaps someone can explain how I am supposed to just make wireless phone services available.

Please advise soonest.

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Could find absolutely NO way to contact mother ship - - - - except here.

Thank you for letting me know.

Except these are all canned responses - - - - wonderful.
(There is no way of connecting with mothership - - - - because - - - of course - - - they really do understand all the possible isses - - - - even when its clear that they don’t!)

" Here - - - let us help you - - - - (we don’t give a crap if you can’t do what we want from you to subscribe - - - -but you will do it the way “WE” want it . . . " is the mantra.

Oh well - - - another option bites the dust!!!

At the bottom right on https://help.openai.com is a message icon.


Click the icon then enter a message.

Thank you for further information.

“You can search our knowledge base for help. If you need further support (i.e. billing issues) please login to your account and start a new conversation.”

The above is what I received - - - - I think it is quite clear that mother ship just doesn’t get some things - - - my issue being one of them.

Perhaps you might be so kind as to let them know that I have actually been trying to connect and that they have left me no options to do so?


You seem to be mistaken in that I am more than a mere mortal for I have no more abilities than you to contact OpenAI. While I do have an account to use and can send a message they do not respond to me either. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh well - - - thank you for letting me know.

This should make it clear to anyone that cares that OpenAI considers support somewhat akin to used toilet paper.

Done issue (me getting on with life)!!

Thanking you for your assistance