My phone number is not a VOIP!

I’m trying to sign-up, but I’m unable to complete the last piece as it thinks my phone number is a VOIP
My location is in Canada, and my phone is registered with Virgin Mobile. How can this be resolved?

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Same issue here with a Shaw / Rogers cellphone sim. Did you find a solution?

Nothing how about you? Possibly they don’t like Canada

It is a Cloudflare thing - not OpenAI or any AI.
I am supporting potential users in a thread about a “flagged” issue when people are trying to sign-up - but VOIP is the first time.
In that thread - the phone is not “flagged”, it is used for SMS confirmation code only. The IP is temporarily “flagged”, and the email is “flagged” for life.

I don’t know about this new “VOIP” issue. May I know how you wrote the first digits and symbols of the phone you provided? And if possible, copy & paste the exact “VOIP” message you received here.

Send me in private if you don’t want to publish here.


It says this:

It looks like this is a virtual phone number (also known as VoIP). Please provide a valid, non-virtual phone number to continue.

Number is not VoIP

Ummm, NO, it IS NOT a virtual phone number!!! I’ve had the same Bell/Virgin number for over 12 yrs. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced this sort of thing. From the looks of things, I’m not the only one experiencing this.

Screenshot from 2023-04-25 23-52-06
This is the message when attempting to sign-up. The phone number is a Bell/Virgin number use in Canada.


The sign-up process performed by OpenAI/Cloudflare expects a cell/mobile phone number for confirmation code via SMS only.
Since we have other users accessing their accounts from Canda in a regular way - I suspect the problem may be the way some Canadian phone numbers are typed in the sign up form.

Let’s see:
To call a Canadian Mobile number from the US:
011 - 1 - 10-Digit Mobile Number

  • The Exit Code: 011
  • The ISD Code/Country Code of Canada: 1
  • 3 digits - Canadian area code or mobile service code: (123)
  • 7 digits – Canadian Mobile number: 456-7890

But this is for calling a cell/mobile phone - and I am not sure how OpenAI or Cloudflare are interpreting the numbers you typed in sign up form.
Maybe after an wrong interpretation and by some coincidence the first digits you provided are related to a VOIP service in the US - not in Canada.

I don’t have any knowledge about Canadian phone number format - but since Canada comes under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), and all NANP countries have the same country code, “1” - we could assume that Canada have different area codes from US according NANP - so one suggestion is to fill the number as you were in US.

Another suggestion is to share the first digits only you filled in the sign up form to each other, and check if you are doing the same format that take you all to this situation: if you are using or not the exit code 011, hyphens, international code +1, or if this happening in the same area code.

Canada is in the OpenAI Supported Countries list - there is no reason for the situation you are now - you all may have access.

Additional info: How to send a text to a number in Canada from the US
To send a SMS to a mobile phone number in Canada:

  • 1. Dial the international access code - from North America need to dial 011 - no need to fill up;
  • 2. Dial country code for Canada: 1
  • 3. Dial the mobile number in Canada, excluding the 0 at the beginning of the number

Run your phone number through this, or any other caller id lookup and identify who is your provider. The link below says US but we share the same area code

In my case (Canada) my actual phone number works (provided by Telus) but my VoIP number does not (provided by Iristel, a wholesaler). I wouldn’t be surprised that they are blocking wholesale providers.


Thanks for that suggestion, mine comes back at Bell, in British Columbia, which is correct.

So it’s their problem, their system is messed up and doesn’t work correctly.



Thanks for trying and letting us know the result.

I agree - it is most likely their problem. They are running incredibly strict rules - which usually means that some innocent people get caught up in the net.

However, I’d imagine that if we could weigh each fraudulent/malicious attempt to create/use an account as a square foot, I’d wager that OpenAI would have more space than Canada itself, each month!

Unfortunately I’d think the only solution is to find another phone number, or trying contacting them. Both I’d imagine will be a miserable experience, but it’s a path.

I wonder if your phone number was ever spoofed and used fraudulently. Pure speculation. Very strange that with a solid number for over 12 years would have been caught.

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Same issue here.
Provider: Telus
Location: BC, CA

Same number I have had for 15+ years. comes back correct.

Looks like the form only takes digits, no spaces, brackets, or hyphens, so I’m not sure how we could be entering the number any different than the next person. I’m entering it as 10 straight digits, nothing else.


Same here, multiple tries and it seems determined to give me the same answer. I am using a vpn on a wireless server, but I’m sure as hell not going to sign up completely naked.

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I think you’re correct, they have their security cranked up to the point of unusable. I would bet money that some Russian or North Korean hacker wouldn’t run into the same problem that us mere mortals are having.
I’ll try a different provider as OpenAI doesn’t seem to give a shit…oh well, I’ll take my money elsewhere.


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I’m having the same issue. Telus cellphone # I have had for more than a decade.
BC Canada
and I didn’t mention it before but I’m using a Pixel6a if that makes any diff

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Same problem, in BC with a Rogers cellphone. I think OpenAI doesn’t like BC or a specific area code in BC.

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Same, and mine is a Rogers mobile number, I’ve had for decades, and I’m on my desktop, on Chrome browser, no vpn. Has no one found a solution?

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I hate to add another “me too” but I’m having the same issue. I have had the same number for over a decade, can call and text just fine with other services. However, here I get the same error message about a “VOIP”…

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That’s what I like about ChatSonic, it’s exactly the same ChatGPT but you don’t need a phone to sign up.

I mean if it won’t take your real number you can use an online temp number,
they don’t have a database of temp numbers yet.
try to find a new number that’s not been used, might take you a few times but it will work.

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They really don’t care, lol just want your money.
There’s many people on here asking for help and the mods don’t care.