Stop Ignoring Canada's "VoIP" issue

These threads keep getting closed because “the OpenAI Team can help”.

Well I’ve been talking to them and no apparently they can’t!! I have a Rogers number I’ve had since 2007 that has ALWAYS been a cellular number not over VoIP. For MONTHS my number was flagged as VoIP. It randomly decided to accept my phone number for no apparent reason today. I had literally given up it took so long and I decided to try again because I had just gotten a response from support and figured why not.

My issue has finally randomly cleared up but lots of people are still facing this issue and they should not have their threads closed if support is going to treat them like this AFTER they clarify they did not have an account, are using a normal cellular number, and that number has been their number for almost 2 decades. Support needs to actually look into this issue, not copy and paste something they got from ChatGPT that does not help users log in to ChatGPT. It also seems to take months to get a canned unhelpful response. That’s not acceptable customer service.

I have been emailing them back and forth getting canned responses like this (I’m a new user due to the difficulty I’ve faced creating an account so it doesn’t let me post a bunch of links, so I deleted them):

Hi there,

First off, we’re very sorry for the delay in getting back to you. As we’ve scaled quickly, we have been working hard to catch up with all the interest and outreach from customers like you. We strive for much faster response times and are working on improvements to get back faster.

We’re sorry to hear that you’re running into trouble verifying your phone number.

Please note that we currently don’t support VoIP or landline numbers, and unfortunately cannot make exceptions to this. If you are using a supported number, we recommend double checking that you have entered the correct phone number and country code, and that you have a strong network connection. Typically, you should receive the verification code within a few minutes, but it may take longer depending on your mobile carrier or network conditions, so it may help to wait a few hours and try again. If you still do not receive the code, please check to make sure that your phone is not blocking unknown or spam calls or messages. You may need to adjust your settings or contact your provider to allow verification codes.

If you weren’t allowed to sign up because you used a phone number associated with a [previously deleted account](link removed), we recommend trying again. We recently made improvements to this part of our verification flow to make it easier. Keep in mind that any previous account will still count toward our [two accounts per phone number limit](link removed).

We hope this helps. If you’re still running into trouble, we recommend looking through our [phone verification troubleshooting guide](link removed).

  • OpenAI Team

So no, the OpenAI Team can not help. It would be cool if they actually looked into the problem instead of just copying and pasting an unhelpful answer but they did that to me twice.

I was instructed to check my number at calleridtest (dot) com from a thread on this forum and it came up normal so there is really no reason for this to happen. Lots of people have checked their number, had it come up normal, and still been blocked from creating an account.

Why is this still happening to so many people when you can literally see it’s not a landline or VoIP with a simple check?

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Having read a similar thread the other day where a user was, likely unintentional, rudely dismissed I fully agree with the sentiment.

It’s just that the replies you get from the community here really have nothing to do with official customer service. It’s the developer forum where we discuss intricacies of API and model usage and nobody here can help with that protracted issue you and many others have.

Well, I hope this helps understand the context a bit better and now I hope you have a great time with the models!

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