Api Key, phone validation and switch/deleted accounts

In short: it is a mess.
1: I wanted so set a password for a google authenticated account. (not possible)
Deleted my account and created an account on a email - password basis
2: Got my phone number validated for this previous, deleted, account and the same number for a “company” account. (phone number still counts for deleted accounts)
3: I am unable to validate my phone number now for this new account, and while I am able to purchase credits I cannot not create a new API key. (Bought credits that can’t be used, ha ha ha)
4: The company is switching to office356 instead of google-workspaces. I wonder what happens with all the company -accounts when the switch is made.
Can we still login, but via MS to the same accounts? Should we delete the company accounts and billing and not being able to validate the phone number any more? And this mess started just because it is not possible to set a password on a google authenticated account.

I haven’t had to answer as many concerns recently because the forum flood of inquiries was lifted when OpenAI stopped phone verification of ChatGPT, but:

  • Deleting an account had permanently disabled the associated phone number from being reused, regardless of account count.

A login authentication method is also given a lifetime ban by account delete (or involuntary delete).

Currently at help.openai.com

How many times can I use my phone number to create OpenAI accounts?

While the location where phone verification occurs has changed from account creation to first API key generation, the requirements around phone verification are still the following:

A phone number can only ever be used for phone verification up to 3 times.

This means if you have 3 OpenAI accounts you can use the same number for all three when completing phone verification on each initial API key generation across those three accounts.

For anti-fraud and abuse reasons, we do not allow you to unlink phone numbers from OpenAI accounts to free up that number for reuse. This means deleting an OpenAI account does not free up the number to get around the limit. There is no workaround.

Your concern about changing email domains is a concern of making all previous authentication service logins useless and email logins unavailable for notifications or password resets (and danger if the email can be reclaimed by another):

We do not support updating the email address associated with your ChatGPT/OpenAI account.

OpenAI does not offer the option to change or update the phone number associated with your account. This is true for ChatGPT and the OpenAI API.

This pinning offers a bit of security, but mostly to OpenAI’s benefit.

Today, after a “chat” with the helpdesk, I was able to request the removal of the phone-validation for api-key generation and so they did :smile: . I am actually surprised in a very positive way how the Openai supports works. This makes my day. All problems solved.