Why is our ChatGPT plugin being renamed?

We have developed a ChatGPT plugin called ""20 Minuten (CH) News and it’s currently listed on the plugin store as such.

But if you go to https://www.whatplugin.ai/ and click search for it and click on it, you get redirected to this page


And it’s being called “Swiss News Update 🇨🇭

We have never used that name for the plugin before. Could you please let us know what’s happening?

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It seems like the name is correct everywhere except some non-OpenAI inconsequential site.

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How’s that even possible? you can install our plugin from that 3rd party site and you’ll be redirected to chatgpt and see the fake name

You need to contact the site, it is not controlled by OpenAI.

I know, but what im saying, is if you actually install the plugin from that site, you get redirected to openai and you’ll use the fake plugin

If open AI doesn’t have anything to do with it, how can you be redirected to it and use the plugin under the fake name.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

  1. I don’t know how they allow one click install via their site to open AI if they’re not associated with open AI

  2. I don’t know how you can start using chatgpt immediately with their fake plugin.

Installing is just a hyper link, anyone can create such a link.

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