Anybody else having issue with plugin development?

This is the issue I’m having:

Last week I created and tested a plugin hosted at It worked perfectly so I left it alone and submitted to the plugin store. Today I received a rejection that it wasn’t working.

Ok, so off to debug. I found that no matter what code changes I made and redeployed to the site, it was picking up a very old (first?) version of the plugin. I changed the name in the ai-plugin.json file and nothing. No updates.

So I deleted the site. Guess what, the old plugin shows up again when I try to “install an unverified plugin”. And I created a new site with a new domain name, and the GPT plugin system doesn’t seem to find it.

So… is OpenAI caching with snapshots at a certain point in time (~1 week ago)? Does anybody have the issue of not being able to install an unverified plugin? “develop a plugin” and using localhost works fine. Just not from a deployed site.

My current plugin site is up, but it’s just that it doesn’t seem to be found or recognized.

Manifest files must be manually updated by going through the “Develop your own plugin” flow in the plugin store each time you make a change to the ai-plugin.json file. ChatGPT will automatically fetch the latest OpenAPI spec each time a request is made so changes made will propagate to end users immediately. If your plugin is available in the ChatGPT plugin store and you go through the “Develop your own plugin” flow, we will automatically look for changes in the files and remove the plugin if it has changed. You will have to resubmit your plugin to be included in the store again.

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I see. Thank you. However, my issue is that simply trying to install an unverified plugin seems to not work directly any more, even though it did a week ago.

I did find that doing “develop my own plugin” first with the server domain and then doing “install an unverified plugin” does work now, but other developers may not be able to install using simply the “install an unverified plugin” link the first time.

In any case, I have tested it working and will leave it alone until reviewed again.