Renaming an Approved ChatGPT Plugin

We currently have a live ChatGPT plugin that is actively being used by multiple customers. We are considering renaming the plugin to better reflect its functionality. Please let us know the best option to rename the plugin with minimal impact on the existing users. We don’t want to publish a new version of the plugin with the new name as it will impact the existing users.

Bumping this request. can you someone please help with this request?

I’m fairly certain it would need to go through approval again.

Your best bet is contacting

Good luck.


What we did was to update the plugin’s name in the manifest, uninstall and re-install the plugin in development mode (per their instructions), then resubmitted the plugin via the bot at the bottom here: OpenAI Platform

In the resubmission we noted that there was no functional change, just changing the plugin’s name and description text.

We did this yesterday. The review only took 6 hours for us and we were back in the store.