Plugin payment after in main service

We have a plugin that is as working good

User request a video
We create the video and send a link back to chat
Click the link and visit a preview web page see the video
Then of you want you click to sign up to the main website and claim the video. You can buy it if you like.

For some reason openai doesn’t allow this flow anymore???
How can we charge users in the regular site. ?!?

My assumption would be that practice is incredibly frustrating for users of OpenAI services, and it negatively impacts the user experience of ChatGPT. Additionally, you cannot charge (or attempt to do so later on) for plugins at this time, and trying to do so will be rejected when discovered.

If you wish to speak with OpenAI about this you can try the support bot in the bottom right corner of that page.

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can i redirect them to my service? and they can visit and signup if they want?

Again, you need to reach out to OpenAI to discus this, the developer forum can only inform you of what the current rules are as stated in the official documentation and by staff members from time to time. We are volunteers and developers and do not represent OpenAI in an official capacity.

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Im very confused. Any time monetization is brought up, you always say it’s not allowed at this time. Can you show us where/who you’re getting this from?

Pointing to the doc FAQ “Can i charge for my plugin?/Not at this time” is only referring to the fact that ChatGPT doesn’t have that feature in the store. I’ve never seen any language anywhere that says otherwise.

Zapier. Notable etc… most of the official first plugins in the store are freemium.

Not to mention pluginlab, a literal monetization platform, has a working relationship and open communication with OpenAI.

My plugin and every other one of pluginlab plugins have been submitted and approved repeatedly.

You need to reach out to OpenAI to discuss this, no one here can give anything but repeats of the information already available on the documentation sites and from posts made here all of which I believe you have seen.

If you wish to speak further then please do so with a member of OpenAI staff by making use of