Why I got blocked from chatgpt?

I never use any VPN, I didn’t have to enter my password to login into ChatGPT, no, browser issues, and suddenly, my IP address gets blocked by ChatGPT.
What can be the reasons and how to fix it? Any help?

UPDATE: It’s working fine for me now. I don’t know how to reply here. So, I am updating my post here.

Quite a few people, myself included, seem to be unable to access or use chatGPT during this time.
Isn’t it a problem on the system side rather than being banned? You may want to try accessing it later, or wait for the official announcement.

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Why I got banned from chatgpt

You are giving two very different words that have very different resolutions.

Can you post the message here.

Did you check for a major internet outage where you are?

If not then please do so next time before posting as our time is also of value.

Unless you post a screenshot with a message from OpenAI with the word banned plan on having your post removed if you state you were banned.

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Is blocked the same as banned? I’m asking to be sure. I’ve never been banned from a site before in my life. Just switched to internet explorer. I get the same message BTW

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Blocked is caused by a network error.

Banned is an action by the OpenAI staff that disables your account.

Okay so you’re advising that the issue is with my wifi or something internal with Chat GPT that will end soon?

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I need to know to since I’ve been experiencing the same issue with being Blocked not banned. Also, my country is not on the Internet Outages Map.

It is something with the Internet, as there are others posting this it is probably with an internet provider. As a moderator I can see a few things that others can not and why I noted to check

I won’t say what is common but there seems to be something common among those who are getting the blocked message.

Could be. ChatGPT is not responding as it should but I am not getting a blocked message.

Check ths OpenAI status page for updates. If it is with ChatGPT then in about 15 minutes or less they should post an update.

I am experiencing the same thing. No outages in my area, not using a VPN, didn’t use offensive language, etc. I’m just confused. I didn’t get banned, just blocked.


I have same trouble with @Tkats9 , GPT blocked me. but I don’t know why. I actually never used VPN.

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Iam blocked too

I didn’t do nohing


thank you for this! there seems to be an outage near me, but not exactly where I am. I suppose this is the issue and if that’s the case it will resolve itself in a bit I guess.

I’m blocked too and I’m not using VPN

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iam blocked !
why i donot do any thing !?
i hope u fix the err
now updated

I got the same issue. Previously I see the screens as those above. Now I got this:

The problem is I do not use chat gpt that often, neither did I provide any offensive infor. I have no clue why I am blocked.

I logged out and tried to log back in since some time has passed. I got that exact same message! I also have not posted anything offensive or anything like really bad. @EricGT United States of America, and yes I got the message in the yellow box as well. At least that tells us that they’re aware of it. :slight_smile: Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon!

Here is my advise.

  1. If you are blocked, don’t post any more screenshots unless they are different from the ones posted.
  2. State what country you are connecting from.
  3. Open up the OpenAI status page (https://status.openai.com/) and check for updates.

While typing this, this message appeared in this forum page


and this appeared on OpenAI status page



It appears to be a bigger problem than the original group of users. The first four users to post were all from the same country.