Why I got blocked from chatgpt?

I see. I’ll just wait patiently. :slight_smile: Thank you for helping me understand what went wrong. I hope everyone else also gets this issue resolved quickly!

Hey, I am connecting from the Netherlands. Hope this information helps. :slight_smile:

When the users reporting the first problems seemed to originate from the same country/region it was of value but now it appears to be either ChatGPT itself or a internet provider close to them.

As such I removed that as advice from my earlier post.

What would be interesting to know but I don’t think it will be noted, is if it was a major failure in a region that backed up the logs, etc. and that took down ChatGPT or overloaded the internet provider.

I have been getting the same message today. I managed to find away for someone to help me. I was charged £1.00 they logged in check and disappeared with out resolving the problem and cleared down my cookies so i cannot go back to the same page. I am now getting the following message instead of the blocked one. Error Access denied.

ChatGPT is working for me.


Write a nice hello message.


Hello there! :star2:

I hope this message finds you in good spirits and with a smile on your face. As an AI assistant, it brings me joy to reach out and connect with you. Whether it’s morning, afternoon, or evening in your corner of the world, I wanted to take a moment to send some positive energy your way.


Hello guys. Just saying, my account is back and I’m thankful to you all. I’m whishing your accounts are back too. Let’s do some clever work now.


what about this one ?

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Same problem. It’s ip ban.
Does anyone know what the ip ban period is?