I can’t use openai without vpn please unblock me

Hello,I can’t use openai without vpn please unblock me.

Sorry, you have been blocked

If you believe this was a mistake, please contact us through our help center [Ray ID:7c62dfba4b88ec50]

this is a cloudflare block
what country are you in ?


I got this message

CloudFlare has blocked you. Where are you located?

Are you trying to connect through a VPN or web-proxy?

Locate in China. I am using VPN for that. I can use playground, but can not jump to chat-openai-

As far as I know OpenAI does not offer ChatGPT in China.

They are not going to help you.

hmmm. OK, just waiting for that :sweat_smile:

poor boy. Just use your phone as a proxy. Its free. I use an app called “servers unlimited” for random stuff, one of which is a proxy server.
Sometimes your ip range is blocked automatically by accident. thats why that trick is so useful.

funny i accidentally had the same issue because i had a VPN on.
To prevent this error you need a residential proxy and not a datacenter proxy

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Sorry, you have been blocked

If you believe this was a mistake, please contact us through our help center [Ray ID:7cc547fa0bfafa20]

Have you contacted the help chat?

I get a message about being blocked for using a VPN. I am not using one and can’t find where to contact anyone through the Help Center to get unblocked.

It may take a different browser, such as Microsoft Edge, to get the poorly-coded help assistant icon at the lower right of help.openai.com to appear.

Then the middle “messages” and ask directly about the account problem that staff are needed to fix.

Thank you for that reply. I have been using Chrome and will give another browser a shot.

“riseup VPN” it’s free and you can pick a few different countries…

Why would you want to do that? Are you trying to give tipps to get around country restrictions?

Not me… By default my OS chooses Iceland to source it’s IP via tunneling… idk the OS or network structure of this user . But I am located in Washington DC… I NEVER have a Washington DC IP therefore my “location data” is never correct… I have to choose New York from my VPN to use many services… even though in physically located in the USA… … I could set my machine to not bridge from startup… but none of my work actually requires chatgpt … I only really use chatgpt to make the NPCs in my games more fun… I write programs for chatgpt because people use them… as far as bypassing ToS … no not my intention… but I do completely understand a system that looks like it’s where it isnt