I can’t use openai without vpn please unblock me

Hello,I can’t use openai without vpn please unblock me.

Sorry, you have been blocked

If you believe this was a mistake, please contact us through our help center [Ray ID:7c62dfba4b88ec50]

this is a cloudflare block
what country are you in ?


I got this message

CloudFlare has blocked you. Where are you located?

Are you trying to connect through a VPN or web-proxy?

Locate in China. I am using VPN for that. I can use playground, but can not jump to chat-openai-

As far as I know OpenAI does not offer ChatGPT in China.

They are not going to help you.

hmmm. OK, just waiting for that :sweat_smile:

poor boy. Just use your phone as a proxy. Its free. I use an app called “servers unlimited” for random stuff, one of which is a proxy server.
Sometimes your ip range is blocked automatically by accident. thats why that trick is so useful.

funny i accidentally had the same issue because i had a VPN on.
To prevent this error you need a residential proxy and not a datacenter proxy