My Account has been blocked - Error message


I got an error when visiting that " Sorry, you have been blocked. You are unable to access"

Ray ID: Ray ID: 7e51a1fd9ffb1c7a
Country: IN

Please Check & resolve the issue at the earliest.



Did you ever get help for this I have the same thing.


The blocked message is from Cloudlfare indicating you are from an unsupported country and/or using a VPN. Turning the VPN off will correct the issue, this can also be the case for some school and corporate VPN equipped networks, the standard fix for this is to request a split tunnel for OpenAI endpoints.

I am in the US. I do not connect via VPN. Never had this issue until today.

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Im also been blocked… Dont use VPN.

Saying CHATGPT is down at the minute. Also in the press

Blocked as well. I do use a VPN for work but never had any issues accessing chatgpt before. Even after turning off the VPN, I’m still blocked.

I have the same issue. I’m not using VPN. It says:

Sorry, you have been blocked
You are unable to access auth0. openai. com

Being a paid member I also got blocked but why does anyone using gpt plus and got blocked?

I have also been blocked. I use a VPN for work, but I have never had trouble accessing chatgpt.
Ray ID: 7fe5bdef3c3846f2

Yeah, I also got blocked, I’m in UK, not use VPN
Cloudflare Ray ID: **7fe59d6b5ea2188b

It is working again… Try it now!
I manage to acess again… Thank God !

same here…what can i do now? Cloudflare Ray ID: 7fe5bf3f882eca7d

Really? Why mine still doesn’t work.

I got the same message after it was unresponsive and I hit refresh too many times. Now blocked.

Same here. I am not using any VPN.

i was blocked. I’ve never had a problem logging into chatgpt, today after asking to change a sql code it blocked me.
Ray ID: 7fe5adc579a23744

I tried several times, but also doesn’t work!

Now it’s working.
Please try again, guys.