Error 1015 rate being limited ( = OpenAI is limiting in order to restore ChatGPT services)

Hi guys. Recently I started getting this error, can i get some help?

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Same problem. Help?

Hey guys, did you solve this issue?, how did you do it?

Same symptom is occured…

:warning: :warning: ChatGPT is experiencing an outage. See the Status Page

At this time we are limiting the number of users who can log into ChatGPT. We are continuing to remediate the ongoing issue.

I am having the same issue

Is there a reason why users are being limited ?

Got the same. Pretty annoying being a user that pays a subscription and get limited access. Is there an explanation for that?

is gpt facing some issuea? or it is users’ own problem

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On one hand, it sucks I’m temporarely banned… On the other hand, at least I’m not the only one so we should be back up by the end of the day (I hope)

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hopefully. when I read the message I thought: jeeez what have I done now?

I have the same problem now, it appear “error 1015”

I have the same problem.The system may be down.

I had the same problem, but it works now

does it? to me now the main page says that the service is at capacity.

Now mine has just unlocked but I can’t see the history due to a problem and it doesn’t answer the questions.

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Yes it works and I got the message “We’re experiencing exceptionally high demand. Please hang tight as we work on scaling our systems.”
I think it is a temporary problem

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Seems like everyone is facing temporary banned from chatgpt, it’s very inconvenient especially for those who paid for the GPT4

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Yes!It is working. But nothing in the window.Breaking down.