Why I can not find GPT Store in my plus account?

Hi, guys! I upgraded my account to plus subscription today, but there is no GPT Store when I open the explore page, please check the attached image. I think there should be a search bar and many other apps could be select.

Is there anyone could tell me what happened with my account? How can I get GPT Store with my plus account?

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The update is occurring as a rollout; it does not happen for everyone at the same time.

This popup appears when you have received the update. So no need to ferret about looking for access to be hidden somewhere.

Explore GPTs

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Alright, thanks for explanation. I’m waiting for that.

Alright, thanks for explanation. I’m waiting for that.

I’ve been a plus subscriber for quite awhile since it was first offered, and I’m still waiting on the GPT Store.

I am also a plus member for a while and still do not have access to the store. Any clarity on when and how the access will be granted is much appreciated.

Yes, me too. I’m not sure why the function released so slow.

I’m also waiting for that. I will let you know once my account make it. Please tell me if you get it. Thanks.

Since offical GPTS has released about a week, but i also can’t have access to that. I just have a botton of EXPLORE, and i feel so confused how long can i get the botton of EXPLORE GPTS.

Same problem for me. Maybe release date of the function is different for each country. What is your location?

In australia and still no access! I wonder if my public GPTs are already on the store though?

It would be helpful if OpenAI would put a statement on the “Explore” page of plus users with this information. It would be incredibly simple to add and would go a long way to diffusing the confusion. A timeline for opening it up would be even better.

I can’t understand how someone thought giving subscribers differential access without explaining it would be a good idea. And why would a GPT developer want to put something in a store that says, “only some people will see it.”

Me too. It’s already more than 20 days, but here’s nothing changed in my plus account. I have no idea about Open AI team. Hoping our requirements could be taken seriously.

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I can’t agree more. There are many users like us waiting for GPT Store yet, but no statement released from them.

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Agreed, I still don’t have access and its been weeks.

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Yeah, still no access here. Been a plus user for a long time.

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I have been a Plus subscriber since the beginning and I still don’t have the store. Someone recently recommended that I close my account and open another one but will I lose my GPT’s?
What have you discovered recently?

Do you have your builder profile set up?

I set my builder profile up a couple of months ago, but I can’t seem to integrate ChatGPT with my domain. I am wondering if that’s why the store hasn’t shown up yet?

Hopefully that makes sense.

Same. Still no store. I want to close my account and open another?? But will I lose my GPTs?

I’m wondering if there is something wrong with my builder profile and domain verification?

I was building an ai app the other day and it would not make the call to my OpenAI api.


i am having the same issue - no access to the GPT store. I have gotten the guidance that it is a gradual roll out and it should be available in a few weeks, but that was a few weeks ago… Reading here that some are closing their account and opening a new one. I really don’t want to lose my GPT’s, but I would consider it. That being said, has anyone tried creating a new account and been granted access that way?

Sounds like we are in the same boat. Would this glitch have anything to do with whether or not the builder store is connected properly/verified with ones hosting service? I have a maybe not so great hosting service. I deleted my openAI TXT strings and then generated another one successfully and OpenAI confirmed success for the root domain. Does one have to confirm a subdomain “www” as well… or just the root “@”.

I might try opening another account just to see… and then applying for a refund. There has to be a way to get some customer service and better UX here.

I’m in Canada. Do you think that has anything to do with it?