Can't see the GPT store, Anyone else running into this issue?

For the life of me I can’t find the GPT Store. What am I missing &/or doing wrong? Is it not up yet?

Before you ask, I am using a Plus account & a Teams account. strong text


It is being done as a rollout. Previous rollouts have taken weeks and with pauses. Just be patient. :slightly_smiling_face:

Even as a moderator I do not have access yet. I don’t mind either because I can get to the custom GPTs I need without the store, one just needs to know the URL.


Oh okay, thank you for clarifying. I was confused because I have been seeing people posting screenshots & it made me think they put a switch somewhere in the settings or something like that.



Is it OK if a moderator closes this topic?

I am from the UK and I still don’t have the store. I have Plan Plus and the store is not available.

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Yes. Thanks for the clarification. I was going nuts trying to find it. :slight_smile:


I still don’t have access to it. It seems like most people already have it.

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me too. It’s a little astonishing, because I am a pro user…

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I wish they gave us a timeline of the rollout :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Lol so do I. Maybe they think if they provide some sort of timeline they will end up like Musk when he does the same for the release of a new car.

Same here,

Communication is “key” here. Like me, people just think there is something wrong with their browser or setting. When you are dealing with the number of people who are using chatgpt, getting a head’s up would be nice. Especially, if you are paying for the service.

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I think I know of a project that may be right up your alley man. Check out AutoGPT & see if you can find some sort of similar functionality! Feel free to reach out to me if you are confused about anything & I will try my best to help. & on the bright side, I think as Openai scales, these seemingly large issues will improve… Rather quickly too I am sure!

I can’t find the GPT Store yet… Trying to clear cache of my browser and access gpt with another browser. but it cannot show up for me…

still in progress?

The update is occurring as a rollout; it does not happen for everyone at the same time.

This popup appears when you have received the update. So no need to ferret about looking for access to be hidden somewhere.

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How long is it going to take? I have GPTs built that I would like to put in the store but I still do not have access. I am a team subscriber and have had an API account for over a year. I guess I am just excited to see it.

Here is my personal take on the ChatGPT custom GPTs store.

  1. The custom GPTs were being created before the store.
  2. Users have been able to show off their custom GPTs in this topic.
  3. 3rd party users created ways to find the custom GPTs before the store. (GPTs Hunter)
  4. Many of the best custom GPTs started out as plugins, establishing their place in the list and building a group of happy users.
  5. One only needs ChatGPT Plus or other plan with such access and the custom GPT URL to access the custom GPT. In other words, the store is not needed, it is just nice.

Even though I have access to the store, for the most part I don’t use it and still use the custom GPTs that started out as a plugin.

However if someone makes a better custom GPT that fills the need of any of the few I am using I will switch and/or keep that one as plan B.


Any timing for the rollout? They got us all excited. Also, I pubished some GPTs to “everyone”. Does that mean they are in the store but I just can’t see them?

I have no more current knowledge than you.

My guess is there is something wrong that has the OpenAI support staff busy and until that is fixed they are pausing the rollout. When we see others noting the models are working as expected then I would not be surprised to see more users noting they are getting access to the GPT store. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t see it as well, any idea why?

Still no access to the GPT store. Wish they would communicate more.