Anyone else without access to the GPT Store?

Hello everyone,
I wanted to check if there’s anyone else in the community who, like me, doesn’t have access to the GPT Store. I’ve been looking for information about this, but I haven’t been able to find a solution. I would like to know if this is a problem that others are also experiencing or if there’s any way to enable access.
I appreciate any information or experience you can share about this.
Best regards!

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See: Where to find GPT store, I can not see it - #2 by EricGT

First I take it that you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber.

Second, the update is occurring as a rollout; it does not happen for everyone at the same time.

This popup appears when you have received the update. So no need to ferret about looking for access to be hidden somewhere.

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Yes, im plus subscriber and have team subscription

I’m a Plus subscriber since launch from Canada and do not have access to the GPTs store yet.

I have a plus account here in the United States and still do not have access and it’s now the 13th of January.

Still without acces from Spain… one week after

I don’t have access, either. A paid user in the U.S. Can OpenAI provide some guidance as to when everyone will be getting access to the store? Could there be a problem that is not being addressed that is blocking access?

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same here, I’m ok waiting because with a 40 message cap there isn’t much to explore on gpts.
But still, this is the longest roll out I’ve seem so far. It’s been a week already.

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Eight days since launch and still no access to the GPT store on the Plus plan. Why?

I don’t know what is happening… but is like a bug for some users…

Same for me, I don’t have access to the GPTs Store and I can’t find any information on it.

Same for me, I don’t have access to the GPTs Store and I can’t find any information on it. It’s been 11 days now with no access, and I’m unsure how to resolve this issue.

I still, have no access and was an early professional account user.

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