Why Can't I access GPT4 via API? I paid, I applied, I have real app

OpenAI says it was made available on July 6th to all paying users. Why not me? I still can’t access it and I have a really commercial app… WTF?

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Did you have a $1 or greater paid API bill prior to the 6th? If not then that will be why, and you should get access by the end of this month. If you have paid a bill prior to the 6th, you should of received access, so please check that you are looking at the correct organisation and are logged in to the correct account.

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what if I paid my first invoice after the 6th of June, can I still get access somehow?

Please read the post to which you have responded.

I have a similar question! I want to get access to the GPT-4 API, but this is my first time interacting with any of OpenAI’s APIs. Would the best approach be to utilize GPT-3.5 until I have spent a dollar, and then I would immediately get access to GPT-4 afterwards? Thank you so much to the community for your help with this!

No, they aren’t adding more paid users, that was a one time thing. The next batch will be everyone later this month. Just need to wait.


How is this a one time thing? It’s pretty clear. They made it available to ALL. So why not me?

As it says, on July 6th they did a one-time thing. Then all developers will have access by end of this month. Just need to wait another week or so.

Great that you keep going around posting this. But that’s not what their info said. As it says… whatever.

All userrs, as it says.

That is for ChatGPT, not the API. They are separate systems, paying for one doesn’t affect the other.

Dude the heading says API. Read it more carefully.

My bad, thought you drew a line to ChatGPT section in your screenshot. Bottom line, it’s just community forums here. No one can give you a different answer than that help doc, or answer any follow up questions you have. But everyone should get access later this month.

You drew a line to ChatGPT Plus. All ChatGPT Plus have access to GPT-4.

As it reads in the API section, if you had an API payment of more than $1 before July 6 you should have GPT-4 access now, if you have not you’ll get it by the end of the month.

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