NO GPT4 API Access even after paying for API subscription, Do I have to wait till the end of billing cycle?

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According to this link - How can I access GPT-4? | OpenAI Help Center

Anyone who makes succesful billing of $1 or more will be automatically granted access to gpt4, but I still have access to gpt3.5 models in Plyground. I was charged $5 from my card when I signed up for API access. So why I do not still have access?

Will I have to do another 1$ transaction to get access and also should wait until end of billing cycle since the link above mentions

" On July 6, 2023 , we gave access to the GPT-4 API (8k) to all API users who have made a successful payment of $1 or more."

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The wording is not “makes”, it is “made”, that being the case, it is referring to users who received a $1 API bill prior to July 6th. It then goes on to say that they “plan” to open up access to all developers “soon”.

New developers are being granted access to the GPT-4 API as capacity becomes available.

This is still vague and I have some questions

  • Why was I charged $5, is it some kind of one-time access charge?

  • Do I need to consume $1 worth of gpt3.5 api or is it no longer a requirement


The $5 is a temporary charge, it is used by many card servcies to check the account has funds sufficient to cover any expected charge. They are not “completed charges” and so will return back to your account after a few days, check your banks policy on uncompleted temporary charges. Please see this post After updating my API payment method, I noticed a $5 charge. Is this a temporary hold? | OpenAI Help Center

You do not need to spend $1 worth of API (regardless of model) to get access under the arrangement in the post you are referring to, that is for developers who had a bill of that amount or greater prior to the announcement.

I would think that having at least 1 bill of more than 1$ shows that you are a user of the API, I think it wise to have such a bill to show that you are actively building things with the API.

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I AM PAYING $20.00 A MONTH BUT I AM LOCKED OUT OF CGT-4. I was going to just cancel my account and start over but I cannot find out how to do that either. Please help me figure out how I access CGT-4 again,. thank you

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I think you are referring to ChatGPT, this is the API, they are not the same thing.

ChatGPT with a Plus membership will grant access to ChatGPT-4, it has no effect on the API, access to GPT-4 via the API will be rolled out to new developers as capacity and load allow.

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