No access to gpt-4 model of API


As of recently, I have spent $1 + on the API. Can someone grant me access to the 4.0 model for the API?


Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

The $1 offer was for those who had an API bill prior to July 6th. GPT-4 API access is being rolled out to developers as capacity becomes available, there is no longer a need to apply for a waitlist since the end of July so this will be automatic, but it depends on available compute and system load, so there is no set time scale, hopefully it is soon for all developers.

Then, please update the information on the website:
This is the first result that appears on Google when searching for “GPT-4 API access.” People are finding outdated information and repeatedly asking the same questions on forums.

You are not interacting with OpenAI employees here, just fellow users, apparently one with a sheet of answers to cut and paste.

Besides the initial announcement, another addition of some users was done mid-August based on July qualifications, so it could happen again.

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