Chat GPT 4 API Do not have access

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I have a paid account with chat gpt and have had payments for the api usage in the past on the site however have not been given access to gpt 4 api. Is there a reason for this.


Yes, the API access is being rolled out, so not everyone gets access instantly. Additionally, ChatGPT’s Plus membership program is not counted as an API billing cycle, if you have paid at least one API bill, as in money taken from your bank, then you will receive access as part of this current rollout, if not it will be by the end of the month.

Hey man I have paid $7 for Chat GPT API and I would be considered a API buyer, I dont have access to chat gpt 4? can I please be granted access?


Following up on the same topic. Not receiving GPT 4 access after one billing cycle.

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If you have not paid a bill of more than $1 for GPT API access prior to the 6th of July 2023, you will get access by the end of this month.

Hey I just want to re-iterate that withholding access by class is not exactly an ethical practice given the power of this platform. Please consider all products to be released at once to the general public rather than favoring wealthier classes first. I am in a similar boat, in addition I have a ChatGPT Plus subscription but have zero access to Code Interpreter which should have rolled out by now.


I understand the delay is frustrating to you. I do not believe OpenAI is withholding anything “by class,” rather they have simply extended access to GPT-4 to the developers who have been actively using the API the most.

All developers should have GPT-4 API access by the end of the month.

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