Why am I being double-charged from both credits and credit card?

I received bill today and my credit card was charged, but I have already switched to a prepaid plan. I checked my credits and fees were deducted as well.

Hi! If you have indeed been accidentally charged for the same usage twice, then you should reach out to OpenAI customer support here as we are unable to resolve this matter in this Forum. Good luck!

Your monthly bill from the prior month still must be charged at the normal time, despite you having been switched to prepaid credits for the remainder of the month. None of the accrued monthly bill is paid for by purchasing credits.

I recharged $20 on March 19, and there is $11 left today. Do you mean that the deduction of points will only be implemented this month? But I have only used about $4 so far this month, which is completely different from the reduced credits.

I tried this route, and it just takes me back to the “chatbot” but my message never get seen. I am in a similar boat.

It typically takes some time (think weeks, potentially even more than a month).

Just in case, I have tried to replicate in the support chat the steps I would take to submit an actual message. I’m assuming you got to this point?



What I mean to say is:

  • if you were on a monthly plan, and
  • actively were using your account during the month (lets say up to Mar 15 you used $7)

and then

  • were switched to prepaid billing mid-month,
  • made a credit payment of any amount,
  • and then continued to use the API with your credit.


The March monthly usage of $7 will still be billed and charged in the first half of April to the previous payment method.

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I get through all those steps fine, but I am about to be suspended tomorrow when I have sufficient prepaid balance but I am being suspended tomorrow for an invoice that won’t deduct from my prepaid balance.

I think the time has come to start looking for a new AI API provider…

Please see @_j 's response from above regarding this.

As far as I am aware, we switched to prepaid a few months back…

Thank you for your reply. So I should have settled all the fees for the old plan by now, right? I will continue to monitor this issue, and if the credit card does not automatically deduct the payment (I have disabled auto-recharge), I think it should be okay.

What you said is correct, I calculated it and from the switch to the prepaid plan on March 19th until today, the expenses exactly match the deducted points. The credit card charge was indeed for the period from March 1st to March 19th, I found the answer in Usage, the credits bill did not appear in Billing History which had been confusing me. I think the problem is solved.

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