How to buy ChatGPT API Credit once for a year not by monthly

I am a ChatGPT API subscriber, how can I buy a large amoutn of credit in one time rather than pay monthly by creditcard. Is there any “Top up” method that I can choose from?

My experiences is that I bought some credits, but the next month bill still process with credicard NOT with the current credit balance. Does anyone has the same issue as mine?

So, there’s no such thing as a ChatGPT API

Are you talking about

or are you talking about

or are you complaining that even though you have credits on, you’re still being charged monthly fee for your ChatGPT Plus subscription?

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thanks for your reply. I am in the last situation you mentioned.

I were still being charged by monthly fee for “”, even though I have enough credits on my balance.

thanks for your reply. I am in the last situation you mentioned.

I were still being charged by monthly fee for “”, even though I have enough credits on my balance.

The last situation?


ChatGPT Plus and your API consumption are billed completely separately. If you don’t want to be billed for ChatGPT Plus, you have to cancel your subscription. doesn’t have a monthly fee
Unless you’re talking about the monthly storage fee for assistant data :thinking:
But I don’t suppose that’s what you mean.

And if it is, can you take a screenshot of

Actully, I am not a ChatGPT plus user, but using API developer account.

Yes, I am able to access, the problem is the API usage bill is paid by montly as far ar I know. I got the following screenshot:

As you can see, they still charge me montly and by creditcard. The fact is I did buy $100 credits last month. I don’t understand where my credits goes?

on the usage page, it shows a breakdown of your balance.

if you can’t/don’t want to show us here, you may need to try :confused:

Actuallly, I keep tried to reach them and did try out the messager. Just never got any feedback, it’s been days. And I am still having the payment issue

Do you have any other way that may effectly contact with the OpenAI helper by any chance?

Perhaps, but you’d first have to make 100% sure it’s not an issue on your end. People flooding the help center with nonsense is probably why it takes forever for them to respond to anything.

You are correct! I will see what I can do then, the worst case is the $100 is wasted.Lol…

But thanks for your reply and feedback, I do appreciate.!

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Pending invoice = $0 means you are consuming your prepaid credit and shouldn’t get a bill.

The addition of credits didn’t pay for that usage that was already “to be billed”.

As matter as fact, I did get a new bill this month. So I have to give it another payment by creditcard. Still the $100 credit that I topped up does not pay off this month bill.
It looks like my $100 topped up goes no where. The only record I can track is the $100 payment history , that’s all.

I am sending this message for everyone who may check in this topic and having similar issue.

I finally figured it out. In mine situation, the monthly bill I’ve got is for the API usage before the date that I purchased $100 topping up, which means there is a time gap. As long as this can be paid off, the topping up will start to cover the date from the purchase and onwards.

Hopefully my case can help all you who may come across the similar issue.