Exceeded Quota Limit Error -- Plus multiple charges on bank account!

Hello everybody. Sorry about reuploading this post, I realized my screenshot was incorrect. As I said, no matter what I do, my account keeps saying I have ‘exceeded my current quota’. I have a 45 dollar hard limit, of which I have spend 42.80 of that limit. I’ve tried deleting my card information and re-adding it on my pay-as-you-go plan (which I think is why it’s charging me multiple times? I have like 4 or 5 5-dollar charges on my bank account, which is weird). I have all the information from my card in the payment method area, my card is not being declined, and I do not know why it keeps giving me this error. I’ve tried to contact Support about it, but all they told me was that “You have indeed met your hard limit”-- when I DIDN’T.

I also just got an email saying that 5 dollars has been added to my credit-- yet when I check the OpenAI website, my credit balance is still at $0.00!! What is happening? Is OpenAI just bugging out that hard?

As of right now, here is my usage

Screenshot 2023-09-22 014035

Were you originally pay at the beginning of the month for last month’s usage, or have you always been pre-pay?

We can see by “add to credit balance” being present, you are now stuck in a prepayment plan. If you pressed “cancel payment plan”, then you lost the prior monthly billing system.

The appearance of monthly billing:


You now must buy credits to load your account before use. You would have completed the screen of inputting your card and buying the $5 credit to get billed the $5 and activate the new payment plan (unless they also only “authorize” $5 at some point prior to test if the card is good)

Now the part you might not realize: All your credits will first go towards paying off the remaining balance you’ve accrued this month if you just switched from monthly billing. You’ll likely need to put $37.80 more into the system just to get to zero. And purchase more credit beyond that. Take away the $5 payments you’ve seen on your card from the amount needed to input.

It wasn’t pre-pay before. It was a pay at the beginning version.

So every time it asked me for my credit card information to add 5 dollars to the credit balance, all that was going to pay the previous month?

Older accounts were always and only billed at the end of the month. You didn’t have to put money in to buy credits to use the API system. You just get one charge at the end of the month. Still possible if you don’t mess with an older account or its payment method.

Was that you, ever?

What I would do if the amount to pay is unclear is use the auto-top-up system. Set it to fill your account to 30$ if the balance gets below $10.

Using the auto system will incur whatever amount needs to be paid off currently to get you to up to $30 available in your account.

That was me, yes. Then I tried using a different AI, kobold (just to mess around with some things), and when I switched back to OpenAI it was giving me error codes, so I cancelled my payment plan, deleted my card info, and re-entered all of my information. That’s when the charges started and it kept giving me these ‘exceeded quota’ errors.

Did I just royally eff up my OpenAI account by deleting my information and putting it back in?

You’ll just have the inconvenience of needing to purchase credits before use. If you were paying $50 a month before, then you should put that type of amount in so you don’t have to keep monitoring.

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Okay, thank you. I appreciate the help!

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