What is the deal with my credit grants vs monthly bill?

I know OpenAI wants me to refer billing questions to its documentation, but for the life of me I cannot understand what this means (see screenshot). I’ve either spent $21 or $1.30. Which is it? The past two months apparently I spent $21…what is going on?? It seems like the gpt-4-turbo is incredibly cheap, or it’s $21 a month. PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS. IT IS NOT LAID OUT IN THE BILLING DOCUMENTATION IN A WAY THAT MAKES SENSE TO ME AT ALL.


What I see is that this month you have used 1.30$.

In January and last October you spend 21.80$ on buying credits. Of these 1.80$ is taxes, that’s how you got the 40$ in credits.

In other words: you purchased credits for 40$ via prepay in January and October. This January you used 1.30$ of those 40$.

Hello, and thank you for the prompt response. So if I understand you correctly, the bill for this month would be something close to $1.30 or $1.50 or so (to be deducted from my $40)? Is that accurate?

In fact, more to the point (since you can access my account), I have had 2 scares where my API calls stopped working because I had reached some limit. I know I specified that below a certain amount, OpenAI could charge my credit card. The second time it was for credits or something, and again, I specified “charge my card” if I run out of money. THE BIG QUESTION is am I now covered in the case that… however you handle billing… my card will automatically be charged so I do not experience any outages? I don’t care about the charges…I CANNOT have an outage. Am I covered in that regard?

Thank you.

Yeah, your monthly bill appears to be 1.30$.

The other (below it) shows how much credit you have and how much total you have used of that credit (over more than one month…)

There’s also rate-limits even if you have money in your account.

See usage tiers.

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So, since I have $80 at tier 3, would you recommend that I drop another $20 to bring me up to tier 4? Or are my settings such that if I hit a limit, I will be auto-charged without a breach in service continuity?

Thanks again for the prompt response.

Looks like you’ve only paid $40 so far? So, that would determine your tier - and how long you’ve had an account.

As for the billing side, I believe you have to pre-pay for the credits now, but

If that’s the case, I’m sure they would charge the card if it’s connected.

How much traffic are you expecting?

I’m not expecting large traffic. Twice now I’ve had my API calls fail because I reached some limit. When I log in to OpenAI, it showed $1.30 of $80 (approximately), and I wondered what the problem was. Then I spent half a day following the OpenAI documentation, and was eventually led to a screen that showed my credits as being -$0.03, and somehow found a link to buy more, so I put $20 in, and everything worked again. Why wouldn’t that money come from my $80? No clue.

But I don’t care about the money. What I care about is being in a presentation of my software (which relies on your API) where…I get endless error messages saying I’ve exceeded my limit in one form or another. I am now terrified, because twice (on the settings page) I have specified "charge my card if balance falls below $X, and twice the API calls failed.

What I really need is reassurance that there will not be a third time. End of story. Money doesn’t matter. If I can’t present my software I can’t make a living. I need some assurance that I will never experience a discontinuity of service so long as I have a valid card that you can charge. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.


The screenshot above shows you paid $20 twice.

Are you confusing ChatGPT Plus at $20/month four times with API credits? They’re separate.

Can you share the exact error the API is giving you?

The $80/limit in the screenshot in OP is just what you’ve set it to spend per day. That’s not showing your credit balance.

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