Where to Download MacOS App?

So i opened ChatGPT in my browser as usual and a popup appeared with an option to download the MacOS desktop app, something I’ve been so excited for!

Then I accidentally closed the browser tab…

Now I cannot get the popup to reappear, even when logging out and logging back in and trying a completely different browser. It won’t show up again.

Trying to download this MacOS app has become one of the biggest challenges I’ve experienced haha. Why is this so hard??

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hello. Just letting you know as I had a similar experience, have you tried checking your downloads folder? In my case, the file was downloaded there.

ditto, I had the exact same experience. How do I get that popup to appear again

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Can someone just share the URL link or upload the dmg file somewhere


Same pain here, I also accidentally closed the browser tab to download the Mac OS app. I can’t get it to popup again, it is so Freaking annoying. it most be way to get it again but nothing works for me : (

did you find away to solve it @GrowthScienceAI

Hello, here is the official download link:

Installed and says I don’t have access. Been a plus user for months, I don’t know where to get the access

Yes - what to do - same and also on a M3 MBP.

It is slowly being rolled out. When you go to ChatGPT.com (when you have received access), a pop-up will show up telling you that you have access to the application.

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