Are they treating Plus and Teams user differently when it comes to new rollouts?

Does anyone know if they treat Chat GPT Team and Plus users differently when they are rolling out new products like the Mac apps? I used to be Plus user but recently changed the account to Team subscription. I’m wondering if this has any impact on getting access to the new desktop app.

Nah, I have both and neither one has access yet.

They got us blue ballin’ really hard :frowning:

To be fair they did specifically say that it would be in “the coming weeks”, but I want it now :laughing:

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We have rolled out access to the ChatGPT MacOS app to a small portion of our users, and plan to enable access to all of our users later this year.

Looks like it’s going to definitely take some time here :frowning:

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the Mac desktop app. Both ChatGPT Team and ChatGPT Plus members should have access to the same features and capabilities in the desktop app, including the ability to use the app on macOS.

Can you try refreshing your browser and clearing its cache and cookies? This often fixes the issue. If you’re still stuck, we’d appreciate it if you could share the following details with us:

  • The exact error message and code you’re seeing
  • A screenshot to show us what’s happening
  • Any other info you think might help us figure out what’s going wrong

This info will really help us get to the bottom of the problem and make our service better for everyone. Thanks for your help!

Just received this message from support. Followed their instructions but did not fix it for me.