Where is my account information?

I can not find anything about my specific account, usage, or credits. Nor can I find any link that says where it is. This is ridiculous. It has to be here, so where is it? The bot in the lower right corner only gives 3 options:

  • delete my account
  • submit a privacy request
  • change my name

I see my name and icon in the lower left corner, but here my options are only for “custom instructions” and “log out” … wait - I went back to check that I had this right, and now my options have changed. Now I have “documentation”, “all products” and “help”, which I assume is the same as what got me here. Yup, it just brings up the bot again.


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Is it OK if a moderator closes this topic?

Sure but i need 25 characters to say so. Now they want a complete sentence? sheesh…

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