Is there a tutorial or documentation on how to manage OpenAI/ChatGPT account?

I’m the software admin for my company and am having a hard time understanding how to manage our account using our organizations billing overview section. I see our OpenAI credits, but I don’t see our ChatGPT Teams subscriptions listed anywhere.

Your basic user interface is very confusing.

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Welcome to the dev community forum!

The API and ChatGPT are separate and not connected via billing…

If you haven’t read it yet, the Quickstart guide is good…

The OpenAI Cookbook is also super useful for getting started…

The information in the Quickstart guide doesn’t look like it has just basic organization account management. Is there any information you can direct me to that tells me how to manage users on our ChatGPT Teams subscription account? When I log in I’m only given the page that asks me to use ChatGPT. How do I manage users on the account?

For example, is someone leaves the company how do I remove them from the account? Or How do I see what users have been assigned a seat/licenses on our account?

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Ah, gotcha.

Have you tried the FAQ?