How to delete API account

Hello, I would like to delete my API account, especially my credit card, but I can’t find where to do it.

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Open Platform page

In upper right click help icon


This will start the message bot

For the message bot scroll down until you see


Click Ask our bot a question

At the bottom you will see


Click Account Deletion

Since I don’t want to delete my account I will not show any further steps. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I click on the button nothing happens, is this button ?

That is the button.

I don’t know why clicking it for you does not work as expected.

Another way to reach the message bot is

At the bottom right on is a message icon


click the icon.

I didn’t have this button too.

When you click on “Account Deletion” in the chat bot, do you have a link ?

There should be an option in our OpenAI profiles to delete the account. We shouldn’t need to use a bot to delete an account.


While I am OK at diving into the code behind a web page using F12, for the message bot and also the ChatGPT plugin dialog I have never been able see the details such as links and captures of the data transfers. While I could probably get at it using WireShark or something it is just not worth my time. In this case even having that would not be the proper way to resolve your problem.

Seems I will not be able to help you anymore with your need. :slightly_frowning_face:

I could delete my ChatGPT account but my API account I couldn’t, I don’t know if there accounts are the same.

Can’t say as I am not an OpenAI employee with access to the accounting systems.

However what you may have done is that you unknowingly created one account for ChatGPT and other account for the API. However I will say I have never heard of someone having just a ChatGPT account, my understanding is that you need an API account to get ChatGPT.

That is what I thought when I read the original post and searched for that from the platform page starting with profile then Manage account. When I could not find such that is when the message bot was checked and the noted means given in a reply.

I have to agree that for a new user or someone not use to these OpenAI means of communication it would be very frustrating if not impossible to find.