When will GPT Store be available to all Plus Users?

Is anyone else in the 5% of users (as this screenshotted post by @grandell1234 describes) that appears to not have gotten access to the GPT Store yet?

This reply, made by a supposed Leader, states that it has been rolled out to 95% of users, but the remaining 5% will have to wait 3 more weeks. I find this to be very odd, and why were those 5% of accounts not given access?

Then it goes on to say if you want to gain access to it sooner that you should create another account. This is even more odd, why would creating another account gain me faster access to something than an account over a year old? Also, is this implying that there is something wrong with my existing account?

Any and all clarifications would be excellent, thank you in advance.

Welcome to the forum!

He holds the title of ‘leader’ on this Discourse site, granted only to users at trust level 4 by a Discourse admin. We should treat him with the respect he has earned.

I also received the same information as the message you captured. It’s confirmed and comes from an OpenAI employee. The content in the post is consistent with what others who received the same information have shared.

While the users on this forum would like to assist you, we are unable to provide further assistance. We’ve already provided you with the best information available. Attempting to contact an OpenAI employee can be challenging; even as a moderator on this site for about a year, I have no more access than other users.


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