Still no access to GPT store 5 days later

Why cant Openai provide the criteria on their product rollouts. Id like statements like we will start rolling out to US customers today and we expect to have fully rolled this out within 1-2 weeks/months… But no we get the usual communication black hole.

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It can definitely be frustrating, but it is likely because they do not know exactly when they will be able to roll it out to every customer. At the outset of the launch, there were several bugs being reported with both the store and Teams as well as the way GPTs and Teams functioned when using them together. Each day, improvements are made. My guess is that this roll-out, like others, is iterative to avoid a massive resource drain and flood of support requests.

For a week my ChatGPT account has been virtually useless. Has deleted GPTs I made, has stopped people from using them that I sent links to and stops in the middle of answering any questions.

  1. When will I get access to the store as a Plus paying user?
  2. Why are my GPTs disabled?
  3. Why won’t my links work for other users anymore?

Ecco, you might have better results contacting support directly rather than asking in the forum. This website shows a variety of methods how

The first place they list is and suggest using the chat bubble in the lower right.

You also might want to check their status page and see if your issues resembled the issues they had yesterday…

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the link! I will follow up there.

I have done the chat bubble but that was last week and no response.

Thanks Le!

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