When will custom GPTs and the GPT store be available to free users?

I think I heard clearly that the store in particular and the basic gpt-4o llm would be available to free users of the browser interface to ChatGPT. To me this is the most significant part of the announcement even though not as technically exciting as the multimodal features. I was just about to blog about this and re-promote my GPT to a suddenly huge addressable market when I decided to see how formerly free accounts get access to the new capabilities in general and the store in particular but couldn’t find any way to make that work. Hopefully this is just a timing issue but clarity is essential o developers


I noticed the same thing. I have an account which is not a plus account. I noticed that on my iOS app, I could at least go the GPT store (I couldn’t find the store on the web version from my laptop). But when I try to use any of the custom GPTs in the GPT store with my free account, I get the message: “Get Plus to Chat”.

I hope since this is a recent announcement, it will just take some time for free users to access GPT from the store. Or has anyone with a free account find a single GPT on the store that can be used without Plus?


I just created a new (free) OpenAI account and I am able to access both GPT-4o and custom GPTs in the browser. I have not tested using this account from the mobile app yet. I’m not sure how far along the rollout is for other new or existing free users, but I wanted to share that at least one free user has access.

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Thanks, Scott. I still don’t see GPTs in the sidebar of my free account (is that where you see them?). If I enter an @, I get the GPT popup but, if I enter anything, I get a warning that I don’t have access to this feature. This is an old free account so maybe there is a rolling rollout to them.

Yes, I see the GPTs I have used in the sidebar as well as a link to Explore GPTs. I also verified that I can access custom GPTs using my free account from the Android ChatGPT app (version 1.2024.131).

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Thanks, Scott, for your input. I want to confirm with you that not only can you find Custom GPTs in the GPT store, but you can also chat and interact with them, right?

That is correct. I am able to chat and interact with custom GPTs using a free OpenAI account.

Note also that this is despite the fact that if I am not logged in and I navigate to a custom GPT I see “Requires ChatGPT Plus”. After logging in with a new free account, I can interact with the custom GPT even though I do not have ChatGPT Plus.


Could it being rolled out region by region. I see need a GPT plus acount to open when i try on a free account.

I’m still waiting too. I see gpts in the mobile app but can’t use them and don’t see them at all in the web version. I tried creating a new account and that doesn’t have the new stuff either. I guess I’ll continue waiting. I’ve been a plus user off and on for a year so maybe they are making me wait longer because they know I’ll just throw in the towel and renew my plus account, LOL.

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Hello, you can use GPT-s from 30th of May, 2024. Have a good day!

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