Can't Access Custom GPTs is its getting paid again

Can’t access custom GPTs. Its saying interaction with this GPT not allowed. As i listen to news Openai made custom GPTs publicly available.

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In order to use custom GPTs in the free version you need to create a ChatGPT account and/or are signed in.

Additionally, the custom GPT in question at a minimum needs to be semi-public, i.e. be accessible by anyone who has a link or alternatively be made fully public.

Do these criteria apply in your case?

Bro i was using scholar GPT and another from one month day they have said that making Custom GPTs freely available and yesterday its available to use but today its saying "Interaction with this GPTs is not allowed

If the creator of a custom GPT changes how the GPT is shared, then there is nothing you can do. It’s possible that the creator has set the custom GPT to private, in which case you cannot access it.

If you know the creator, then I suggest you reach out directly to inquire about it.

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Its saying for every GPT bro i didn’t know the issue

Could be a cost thing? Are you a heavy user? Coming from a supported country?

The problem is that we cannot make our GPTs available to the general public. Once a user encounters limits and their account’s model switches to 3.5, our GPTs are still unavailable to them. By creating our own GPTs, we help sell Plus+ subscriptions to new users. Currently, I am receiving only negative feedback regarding this issue. We either need to increase the limits or allow the use of GPTs on 3.5.


Can we rename GPTs builder name even if we have already quitted paid plans ? I need someone help.

Same issue noticed today. If this is the reason it’s pretty shortsighted of OpenAI to implement it like this, it’s just creating confusion…