What's Innovation License?

As part of Microsoft for Startups - Founders Hub we got some OpenAI Credits and also OpenAI Innovation License. But didn’t find any details on what this Innovation License is on the pricing page of OpenAI or anywhere else.


Im also interested to know more. Same situation :slight_smile:

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Hi @getstarted ,

Perhaps the best way to know more about it would would from the people managing the program. Surely there are going to POCs.

Also I’m very intrigued by this program, can you share any links/resources. How did you find it?

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub https://foundershub.startups.microsoft.com


Before it was only for people with existing product/company but they have now opened it for the public. Anyone with an idea can also apply, try again.

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:wave: OpenAI Innovation License is part of our offering to help build your application and deploy it. With the Innovation License, you receive priority access, access to Codex, and access to beta & alpha offering as well. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to me directly at zarina@openai.com.


Wow. That’s awesome :open_mouth:

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Wow @zarina,

That sounds great. I’ll be dropping an email, definitely.

Thanks for the quick response Zarina. Hope you are doing well.

I did send you an email, please let us know more information.

Appreciate you posting about this. I applied to Founders Hub after seeing your post and now we’re in! Cheers!

I just want to follow-up on this to see how this thread and topic have aged - I’m in exactly the same boat as the OP and some of the others here, and now just reading this post I understand what the innovation license is - definitely would have been helpful to know that, however even when I reached out to OpenAI through email and their help chat I didn’t get a response anyway, so now most of my 3-month innovation license and credit are wasted.

Is anyone getting help at this point who is in this program?